The perfect ceremony  doesn’t have to take place at the civil registry chosen by the municipality. If their offer is not to your satisfaction (for either financial reasons or any other) then you should  hire a ceremony leader who can help make the civil registry just as you wish.

I am more than happy to help you with this. As a master of ceremony I have often undertaken the role of the interpretor at the couple’s civil ceremony. In the past the more I have done this, the more I have realised how boring these civil ceremonies can be with couples walking away feeling underwhelmed due to the outdated cliches read from an old official text. For example the couple dont need to know the difficulties of living together when they have done so for years already. It draws upon a negative on what should be a special day._DVP8254 (1)


I became a ceremony conductor from realising how much more I could offer couples in comparison to the outdated ways currently used. A couple, who were officially married abroad, wanted to have a second wedding here in Hungary just to share there happiness with family and friends , so they asked me if I can conduct a ceremony for them.  That’s where it all began!



At this point I realized the potential of how much more I can give to couples.  Instead of the usual monotonous ceremony with translator, they can have a bilingual , personalised and very special ceremony. It should be about them, as they want it, where they can greet their parents and friends in their own style, with their own words and where the guests can not only laugh at the witty lines but also be overcome by emotions.

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