When foreigners fell in love with Budapest, they simply don’t see a reason why not having their wedding here. How you can say no to a ceremony in Bazilika or a reception in Marriott? Impossible!1Lena and Flo had an amazing wedding with full of love and laughter. After the ceremony the couple went for a photoshoot, while the guest had a cruise on the Danube, where we prepared some surprise for the couple for later.

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I enjoyed every moment of the wedding, and was lucky enough to work with a great staff. But I belive that the word’s of the couples can describe me the most, so let me share the letters I’ve received from Lena and Flo after the wedding:

“It’s great pleasure for me to share with you my experience that I had with Barbara Bánhegyi. I met her through my wedding planner; she seemed very thrilled about Barbara and guaranteed me that she’d be a great addition to “the wedding team”. I met her approximately three months before my wedding, I was in a rush to catch my flight, to Paris, to see my back-then-fiance and only had ten minutes (no joke) to see whether she is the one for the job or not. Which you can imagine can be a lot of pressure and stress. Barbara came well prepared and was an excellent listener, she noted what I wanted and gave fantastic ideas. She used her flair which impressed me within two minutes! I felt confident in my choice, even though the interview was very short. Barbara quickly showed me that she didn’t want it to be an ordinary wedding day, she suggested that it should be a fairy tale. When she began to describe how she was going to make my day to the most fun and memorable day, I began to have goose bumps; she has a gifted way to visualize things, which is handy as you can imagine.

EF_0715I felt that Barbara was “fighting” for me and my dreams to come to reality. She is perfect for the job as a master of ceremony and in my opinion, you can’t find someone more talented to manage a large group of people. She was always a step head, always had marvelous ideas and knew how to keep a group together and having them satisfied. She sees the perfect moments when to step in and when to step away. Barbara is an energetic straight forward person with a lot of enthusiasm.

Every time that we met up she amazed me with her spreadsheet which had the big day step by step laid out in details. She did a great job with contacting the right people for the right thing. Not only did i have the best imaginable wedding for my husband and me but also for everyone of my guests. I don’t want to oversell her, but for me it was a great advantage to have her on my wedding day. You have to meet her for yourself to understand the presence and things that she is capable of. All in all I had a fantastic wedding which everyone still speaks about and I gained a friend, it’s a win-win. Thanks Barbika:)

Sincerely , Lena & Florent ”



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